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Butcher Block Garage WorkbenchStainless Steel Garage WorkebenchEbony Star Garage WorkbenchStainless Steel Garage WorkbenchEbony Star Garage Workbench

Heavy Duty Custom Workbenches for All Garage Projects

Do you ever take on projects in your garage? Maybe you work on your car. Or perhaps you have a hobby that often has you making a mess in your garage. Do your children ever need help building models, hammering nails into wood or putting together birdhouses or pinewood derby cars? There are probably a lot of projects you’d take on if you had a place to do them.

Well, now you can! At ABC Closets, we build custom garage workbenches that look amazing and meet all of your needs. They feature sturdy shelves, beautiful finishes and high-quality worktops.

Get Productive With a Custom Garage Workbench

Our wood and metal workbenches stand up to whatever projects you throw at them. Available in several different finishes, your workbench will complement your existing decor. No matter which finish you chose for your garage cabinet or what kind of flooring you have, we have a workbench that will go with your sense of style. Do you prefer rustic furnishings, or are you more of a modern guy (or gal)? No worries: We’ve got you covered!

Some of our worktop finishes include:

Butcher Block Workbench Counter Top

Butcher Block

If you like the look of wood, this is the worktop for you! This will complement any of our wood grain or metallic cabinet finishes.

Ebony Star Workbench Counter Top

Ebony Star

This is a black finish that is a great accompaniment to our powder-coated or matte cabinets. Great for any decorating style!

Stainless Steel Workbench Counter Top

Stainless Steel

This can go with any of our finishes, but looks especially sharp with our Tech Red powder-coated or Matte Silver cabinets!

Are you considering a garage workbench? Remember that your ABC Closets consultation is always free! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to see samples of our work in person. We can create your garage design and show you where we’d incorporate one of our workbenches. Call us now; you have nothing to lose!