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Matte Garage Cabinets in New Jersey

Do clean, smooth lines look right at home with your decorating style? Our Matte garage cabinets will probably fit right in!

Matte Garage Cabinets Available in Two Colors

At ABC Closets, we offer two shades of Matte garage cabinets:

Silver Garage Cabinets


If your tastes veer toward retro or modern styles, our silver garage cabinets will probably appeal to you. These are a flat silver that will look great next to any color car.

White Garage Cabinets


No matter what your style, our white garage cabinets will lend an understated, tidy look. Let your vehicle take center stage with these as its backdrop!

Ready for a garage remodel? Call us to discuss your needs. We offer a free, in-home consultation appointment, so contact us today to schedule yours.