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Wire Closets: An Affordable Option

Do you love the idea of custom closets, but you’re concerned that your budget just isn’t large enough? At ABC Closets, we have a solution! Wire closets are an economical alternative to wood closets, and we design and install them in any room of your home. As innovative closet organizers in New Jersey, we want as many people as possible to be able to afford our designs, so we have come through with a lightweight, affordable option.

Enjoy the Ease of the Wire Closet System

Wire closets install relatively quickly and easily, and they are an option that is quite affordable. There are other benefits, too! Here are some of them:

  • Modern appeal

    Does your decorating preference swing toward the more modern end of the spectrum? Wire closets may suit your sense of style perfectly!

  • Excellent visibility

    If you want to see what you’re storing way up high, the spaces between the wires allow you to do so.

  • Easy to keep clean

    Because there is a lot of empty space, dust tends not to accumulate much on wire closet pieces.

  • Customizable

    Just like with our wood closets, a variety of closet accessories are available in our wire closet configurations.

If you are interested in having wire closets installed in your walk-in closet, kids’ closets, kitchen pantry or reach-in closets, please give us a call! We offer a free consultation to all homeowners. There is no cost or obligation, so call now to discover how easy and affordable closet customization can be!